Our Partner Businesses

Our Partner Businesses

 Greenway Transit, LLC:FF_Greenway_little

    • Greenway Transit, LLC, is a full-service transportation company located in Durham, North Carolina.
    • We are the first and only green transport company in the Southeast, whose vehicles run exclusively on human energy or biofuels (biodiesel, veggie oil and ethanol-E85). With us, you can reduce air pollution and environmental impact and increase mileage and efficiency (Click the links for more info on biodiesel and ethanol).
    • Check out our brochure to learn more
    • Book a ride at the Greenway Transit site

Carolina Biodiesel:CBL logo_horizontal-02

    • If it has to do with biodiesel, we can probably help you with it!
    • Learn how to buy biofuel for your vehicle,
    • Learn how to find a vehicle that runs on biofuel
    • Learn how we can turn your waste vegetable oil into fuel
    • Learn more at the Carolina Biodiesel site

 Green Oil Company, LLC:Green Oil Logo_stacked-01 (1)

    • Be a supporter of local, community-based, sustainable decentralized energy production
    • Learn about donating your waste vegetable oil, how we process and use it to make fuel for local consumption
    • We can and will help you improve the management of your oil over time.  Managing your oil is important; the quality of the oil — both before and after a restaurant uses it — affects the biodiesel conversion process (and will have an effect on the value to us, and the value of your tax deduction).
    • Learn more at the Green Oil Company site