The Forest Foundation is a 501(C)(3) non-profit organization registered in North Carolina. There are several ways that you can help with our sustainable livelihoods projects, both locally and in other areas of the world. For details or to arrange any kind of contribution, please call, write, or otherwise contact us. Thank you!

Monetary Donations: Donations of any amount are welcome, as are matching gifts. Gifts are tax deductible. You can specify a particular program for your donation, or give to our general fund. Checks can be made out to “The Forest Foundation” and mailed to us at: 1410 Cross St. Durham, NC 27701. We will of course send an acknowledgement and
thank-you letter for confirmation and tax purposes.

Benefactor Gifts: This is a gift made on a monthly or quarterly basis through a credit card or debit card. The payment can be made automatically on a schedule throughout the year for your convenience. Matching Gifts are welcomed. Gifts are tax deductible and based on legal regulations.

Purchase Items: You can purchase gifts from The Forest Foundation. Call the office and warehouse for hours and directions and come shopping!

Invite us to make a Presentation: We are available to make presentations to any groups that are interested in our projects and any of the issues that we support. Call us for details.

In-Kind Services – Get Involved! We can use a range of volunteers both around the office and with outreach programs: networking/liaison, computer networking, accounting, web development, cleaning and organizing the warehouse and office, or working with the biodiesel operation. We also recruit board members. Call us for more information on how you can lend support.

Vehicle Donations: We do indeed accept vehicle donations, especially diesel vehicles.

Carbon Mitigation: Offset your carbon by donating a percentage of your dirty fossil fuel usage (measured in gallons or dollars), through the purchase of renewable, cleaner burning biodiesel to be used in bus trips for local non-profits and schools. Greenway receives weekly requests from non-profits to move people for events, tours and protests. Matching your carbon footprint 1:1 is a way to help reduce the carbon intensity of our economy (disincentive to use dirty energy), stimulate renewables and help organizations doing good things in our community. As an example, if you consume 20 gals per week of gasoline, diesel, fuel oil, etc., then purchase 20 gals of biodiesel for a local non-profit to use, lowering their costs and helping us move more people. Simple, easy, local and voluntary.

Office Equipment: We could use some new computer and office equipment. Anything less than three years old would be a great help; desks, chairs, shelves, computers (Macs or PCs). We have a 2001 Mac that needs upgrading right now (it is very sensitive so we don’t mention it around the office).

Frequent Flyer Miles: Help us participate in events and conduct training and educational programing worldwide by donating your frequent flyer miles.

Charitable Annuities: Charitable annuities and charitable remainder trusts can be a great way to support a cause you believe in. With a charitable annuity, the owner of assets transfers (donates) them to a charity, the charity agrees to pay the donor or other beneficiary (beneficiaries) a lifetime annuity. A portion of each annuity payment received by the donor is taxable income. The remainder is a nontaxable return of assets. Also, when a surviving spouse or beneficiary won’t want to manage family assets, a charitable annuity or a charitable remainder trust can help ensure an income stream.